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Composite Dental Gems

Composite Dental Gems

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The composite is one of the three components necessary for the secure bonding of dental jewellery.

The Flow Composite is a quality material used in aesthetic dentistry for the fixation of dental gems. With an exclusive and safe formula for dental health, this material guarantees a natural and long-lasting result.

The Flow Composite adapts perfectly to the shape and color of the dental gems, providing a high-quality aesthetic result. In addition, its fluid texture allows easy application and modeling, which allows the professional to carry out a precise and efficient fixation.

Its high resistance to abrasion and its ability to imitate the natural structure of the tooth and dental gem, guarantee a lasting and natural result. In addition, the Flow Composite is compatible with different types of dental gemstones, even gold, which allows greater versatility for the dental professional.

Includes a 2g syringe and 5 application tips

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